Holy Cannoli!

These Sicilian cannoli from the North Pole Bakery on the Danforth are to die for!

I have lived in East York for a decade now, and over that time various people have told me that I should try the cannoli from the North Pole Bakery, which is located at Danforth and Greenwood. To be honest, I don’t often walk along that part of the Danforth because it can be a bit sketchy, but I just happened to be walking by the other day and decided to pop in.

What a treat!

I was greeted with a big smile by Lucy who owns and runs the shop. I saw a big stack of cannoli behind the glass, so I said I would like to buy some. She was kind enough to explain that if I wanted to try the “award-winning” cannoli, they were the Sicilian cannoli and it would take a couple minutes to prepare them.

Winner of the most authentic cannoli in Toronto.

Apparently the trick is that they do not put in the filling until you order them. That way, the shell stays super crispy. I ended up buying six, but as you can see from my cover picture, within seconds of being home the kids had eaten two of them. They are a wonderful combination – rich creamy ricotta filling and a crunchy pastry shell. I will definitely be going back … but for the sake of my waistline, probably not until the new year!

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