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Beach art

Spending a winter’s afternoon on the beach with the family.

Yesterday was a beautiful day, +13C in the middle of February. We took advantage of the mild weather to head down to the beach and fly kites. It was so beautiful out that we couldn’t resist going for a hike along the beach. If you have not been there I would highly recommend going to Bluffer’s Park Beach. As we wandered along the beach everyone went off in different directions, Nick and Marcus were skipping rocks, Peter found a stick and was digging in the sand, and I wandered off trying to find “sea glass”. I didn’t find any but, instead, beautiful little red rocks that had been polished slowly by Lake Ontario. The kids and I couldn’t resist collecting a bag of them to bring home.


We washed all of the stones and looked for inspiration.

Flowers appeared.




Dinosaurs came to life.



So we decided to capture them permanently.

What you will need:

A variety of pebbles

Canvas, heavy cardboard or wood

Paint and pastels

Your imagination


Select your surface and create a design out of the pebbles, Marcus chose a field of mushrooms and Peter decided to make flowers.


Once you have your design, take a quick picture so you remember what you planned on creating. Remove the pebbles and paint/decorate the backgrounds. The kids used a combination of pastels and acrylics.

Once the backgrounds are prepared, place the pebbles back on the surface following the design you selected. Using a glue gun, glue the pebbles to the surface. Let dry for about 5 minutes and make any last additions. Et voila, you have something wonderful to remember a day at the beach.



2 thoughts on “Beach art

  1. What a great idea! Your Day at the Beach looked like so much fun. I felt like I was right there with you. I love the pebble art!


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