Gingerbread Cookies.

It wouldn’t be Christmas without cookies, and gingerbread are probably my favourite. I love that it becomes a family activity, and even the smallest “chefs” can play an important role. I didn’t really plan ahead when I started making these, so I had to wing it a bit (i.e. I ran out of plain flour… Continue reading Gingerbread Cookies.

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10 Birthday Cake Ideas for Boys

I love making birthday cakes from scratch. It’s fun to get the boys involved in coming up with ideas, making the designs and helping with the creation. As I get ready for my next one, I thought I would take a stroll down memory lane and look at some of the cakes from previous years. They were all a… Continue reading 10 Birthday Cake Ideas for Boys

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An afternoon of sewing

There is something truly satisfying about picking up a needle and thread and creating. It’s not something I do much anymore, so I was pleased when my son asked if we could sew something together. With that as the ‘brief’ we set out as a family to nearest fabric store (which sadly is now a 30… Continue reading An afternoon of sewing


Hot Cross Buns

Since it’s almost Easter I thought it would be nice to try out some new Easter recipes. We always buy hot cross buns, so I thought if I can make bread, I’m sure I can make hot cross buns. Hot cross buns are basically a sweet dough with dried fruit and spices added. There are literally… Continue reading Hot Cross Buns

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Beach art

Yesterday was a beautiful day, +13C in the middle of February. We took advantage of the mild weather to head down to the beach and fly kites. It was so beautiful out that we couldn’t resist going for a hike along the beach. If you have not been there I would highly recommend going to… Continue reading Beach art