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10 Birthday Cake Ideas for Boys

I love making birthday cakes from scratch. It’s fun to get the boys involved in coming up with ideas, making the designs and helping with the creation. As I get ready for my next one, I thought I would take a stroll down memory lane and look at some of the cakes from previous years. They were all a lot of fun and easy to create. Each cake made the birthday celebration a little extra special.

  1. Cat cake

Cat Cake

2. Race track cake

Race Track Cake

3. Dragon cake

Dragon Cake

4. Train cake

Train Cake

5. Castle cake


6. Digger cake


7. Teddy cake


8. Rocket cake


9. Volcanic island with dinosaurs cake


10. Monster truck cake


11. Bonus – Worm and frog cup cakes – You can never go wrong with jelly worms and frogs when it comes to little boys!!

Jelly Worm and Jelly Frog Cake

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